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Close Grip V-Handle Cable Attachment


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Close Grip V-Handle Cable Attachment Made for You!   Our Close Grip V-Handle Cable Attachment helps you unlock the true potential of a single cable motion machine station. The main muscle group that this awesome attachment works on are your lats, and the secondary muscle groups that can be trained are your Biceps, Middle Back and Shoulders. As a cable machine attachment, the Close Grip V-Handle Cable Attachment offers various grip and hand positions enhancing your training diversity, as mentioned above it allows you to work on more than one group of muscles with intense isolation options.   For those taking this with you to an actual gym, the heavy-duty steel construction ensures it will be travelling with you for a long time!   More Top Notch Specs   Portable accessory, perfect for travel from your home to a gym. Ergonomically designed for the ultimate muscle contraction. Dual handle design unlocks the potential to target various muscle groups. Knurl marks provide a comfortable yet precise grip.

Weight 2 kg