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Impulse Encore 3 Station High-Low Pulley Attachment


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This is an optional attachment for the ES3000 3 Stack Multi Gym.   NB: Please note this attachment can only be used with the Encore ES3000 Multi-Gym.   The Impulse Encore 3 Station High-Low Pulley Attachment brings even more versatility and functionality to the Impulse functional rig offering. With a variety of cable attachments and low to high pulley positions, the station offers full customisation options to accommodate both individual and group fitness needs. With a variety of weight stack options, the adjustable pulley further emphasises the functional aspect of not only strength training but flexibility and endurance. Weight assisted cable exercises (of which the list is almost endless) can add variety to any workout whether you are going for the full body effect or focusing on a specific muscle group. Main muscles targeted: biceps, triceps, lats, chest & abdominals Impulse Encore 3 Station High-Low Pulley Attachmentis the perfect choice for maximising space and training options.   More Info Variety of cable attachments can be used. Low to high level index pulley positions. Various weight stacks available. Almost all muscle groups can be targeted. Cost and space effective piece of gym equipment.

Weight 32 kg