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Impulse Encore ES7030 DAP


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Highly Dynamic DAP System The Impulse Encore Dual Adjustable Pulley is designed for functional training for both individual lessons and group exercise. The DAP allows for dynamic and static exercise for different muscle groups in an unprecedented set of possible options.   The Features Each rack has 31 variations for fixing the position of the traction unit, which provides almost unlimited choice of exercises. Chin/pull up bar with ergonomic bends to allow for regular, wide or reverse grip pull ups. Conveniently located table/phone holder allows users to watch training videos whilst workout out. 31 vertical pulley positions ensure a wide range of exercises can be done. Single handle, long bar, ankle straps and tricep topes offer a huge variety of workouts.   What It Includes?   Rope for triceps, leg cuffs, long neck for traction, traction handle with one hand (2 pieces), belt rods poster with clear instructions for the exercises.

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 175 × 115 × 215 cm