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Impulse HI-ULTRA HSR007 Ski & Row Training Machine


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The HI-ULTRA HSR007 is a professional high-intensity intermittent training Ski & Row Machine.   The HI-ULTRA has been specially developed by Impulse Fitness for HIIT sports demands. Adhering to the training concept of HIIT, the HI-ULTRA helps trainers to achieve efficient, extreme cardiorespiratory ability.   Core Specs     What is MARS? It is an acronym for Magnetic and Air Resistance System. It was designed to create a perfect balance between magnetized resistance and air resistance. It helps in two key ways: Removes the issue of having 0 resistance at the start position of your training session and allowed for two training modes namely; power and cardiovascular.     The Magnetic and Air Resistance System has 20 precise resistance levels. Through the console, users can easily adjust the resistance they want at any given point. The graph above is a visual representation of the benefits of the MARS system. A built-in compatible telemetric heart rate device helps users to monitor the intensity of their workout. This vital exercise data can be easily synchronized to 3rd party apps via Bluetooth or ANT+. Space-Saving Design Thanks to its innovative design the HSR007 Ski & Rower can be easily folded up into the Ski position. This saves you a whopping 48% when compared to it being in the rowing position. This makes it perfect for commercial gyms as well as smaller home/studio gyms. Solid and compact, the HSR007 Ski & Row machine makes it easy to change from vertical form to horizontal form by simply stepping on the switching pedal. The two-stage airlock system and folding lock-up system ensuring you are safe to use the machine in any position. Powerful The HSR007 Ski & Row Machine was designed with HIIT in mind, which combined the three functions into two forms.     In Ski form, you are able to achieve the movements and workout form of functional training and free-weight training.     The perfect combination of strength and cardio.    

Weight 76 kg
Dimensions 136 × 40 × 91 cm