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Impulse PS450 Magnetic Indoor Cycle


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The PS450 is suitable for full commercial or home use.   The PS450 has a rear mounted flywheel which gives the experience of riding a real bike. Being rear mounted, the flywheel is protected from sweat that could cause corrosion.  The padded seat is fully adjustable, as are the multi-position handlebars. The bike is constructed of coated steel and aluminium.   Outstanding Technology   Chrome plated flywheel. Adjustable magnetic resistance that simulates actual riding. 20 levels of resistance.  V-shaped structure and Q Factor of 164mm resulting in a ride that feels comfortable and natural. More Specs Smooth belt drive requires limited maintenance and is quieter than other drive systems. Stretching parts are located in the rear base help users stretch before and after using position and also allow users ride in a safe way. It is easy to adjust the seat and handle bar in vertical and horizontal direction

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 144.5 × 60.4 × 105 cm