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Impulse SL7015 Full Power Rack


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The Impulse  Power Cage Accessory is user-friendly, efficient, comfortable and satisfying feeling to user. Users will benefit from 15 secure racking positions, 10 cm apart, which allows for full height adjustments of the spotting bar attachments and the durable hook style bar attachments. Furthermore the incorporated power band attachments allow users to easily increase resistance, or assistance, without the need for extra weight plates. Outstanding Technology   5 secure racking positions Weight Plate Storage Bars Spotting Bars & Hook Style Bar Catches Power Band Attachments Incorporated Pull Up Bar More Specs Plate loaded nature ensures low maintenance. Thick, square tubing has been electro-welded to maximum integrity. Electrostatic powder-coated and heat cured for superior durability.

Weight 216 kg
Dimensions 196.6 × 174.7 × 244.2 cm