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LivePro Balance Trainer


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It is particularly suitable in physiotherapeutic facilities for rehabilitation during recovery and build-up training   The LivePro balance trainer has been developed for professional use, meeting the need of the most demanding trainee. the balance trainer is very responsive, you can make a variety of balance, motorcycles and muscle exercise. LivePro balance is also suitable for very demanding rehabilitation. It is really durable and also suitable for active gym use. It has even gained in importance in popular sports to increase and improve the performance. Due to the variable change of pressure inside the Balance Trainer, different levels of difficulty can be applied during training.   More Info Develops balance and motorcycles. Develops Explosive power and agility. Develops a wide variety of muscles to give you better results. Improve traineeship and posture. Enhances the versatility of training. Reduces the risk of Injury. Loadable up to 300.0 kg.

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 61.5 × 22 cm