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LivePro Booty Bands | Hip Bands Heavy


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These Booty Bands Will Help You Shape Your Body, Secure Your Form and Increase Your Range of Motion.   Elastic, resistant and skin-friendly booty/hip bands to help strengthen your small and large muscle groups. They feature a non-slip material that is comfy in your workouts and prevents unpleasant pulling on your skin. These bands have the ideal resistance to shape your body, help improve your form, increase your range of motion & target all 3 glute muscles including other larger muscle groups like your abdomen.   More info     Item Color Size LP8414-L 58 x 6.0 cm LP8414-M 63 x 7.0 cm LP8414-H 68 x 8.0 cm   These bands have been woven from natural rubber and embedded into the textile outer. Perfect for building on your medius, maximus and minimus muscles. Three band sizes providing the ideal level of resistance to challenge beginners and fitness professionals. Easy to store so you can throw it into your weekend bag and workout from basically anywhere!   Which Band Is Right For Me?   Well it depends fully on what your goals are. We have 3 options available, the Light band, Medium Band and Heavy Band. Light Band –  Perfect for high repetition training, the light bands are more suited for beginners looking to kick-start their muscle building journey. Medium Band – Suited for those looking to increase muscle size and add a bit more of a challenge to your daily routine. The medium band is great for beginners looking to take the next step and is also suitable for those that want to maintain your preferred muscle size. Heavy Band – Gain, gain and gain some more. The heavy band is great for professionals and those with a track record in leg & core fitness (in other words, this isn’t your first pair of hip/booty bands). The heavy band will help you get inch on inch perfect results whilst giving your hips/booty all the challenge they need.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 68 × 8 × 0.45 cm