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LivePro Hex Trap Bar


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The LivePro Hex Bar – An Essential Bar! The LivePro Multi-Grip Hex Trap Bar is a unique heavy duty shrug bar with a rotating, multi-gip handle, engineered to improve power, deadlift performance and grip strength. The LivePro Multi-Grip Hex Bar has a ‘hex’ frame and is designed to suit users of all heights. The Olympic weight pins have been engineered to sit off the floor at a comfortable height to easily add and remove the weight discs. The custom designed rotating tri-grip handle system of this Hex Trap Bar allows you to choose from three different grips sizes; 25mm, 38mm and the ultra-thick 48m. Women and beginners will appreciate the smaller handle grips for a comfortable hold. Advanced weight lifters and athletes with larger hands can use the largest grip (also commonly known as a fat grip or thick grip) to build hand strength and bulk up forearm muscles. The grip handles are aligned perfectly with weight-pin holder to ensure the user’s body is correctly aligned with the weights. The knurled handles improve the grip whilst having a centre line to ensure users can accurately find the centre of the grip handle   More Info   The Hexbar provides 3 grip sizes, 30.0 / 40.0 and 50.0 mm in diameter. Medium knurling with good grip. Fully welded design. Loadable up to 350.0 kg

Weight 18.8 kg
Dimensions 90 cm