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LivePro Rubber Medicine Balls 3kg


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The medicine ball is an air-filled rubber ball.   The weight varies with the thickness of the outer shell. It is not only suitable for school or mass sports, but has also found a following in the fitness and functional area. He was even able to assert himself in physiotherapy. You can adjust the bounce individually, depending on the amount of air in the ball.   More Info The double grip medicine ball provides all of the benefits of medicine ball training with the added benefit of using 2 grip handles. The grip handles allows you to use more weight and train with the ball in a more controlled manner. LivePro offers premium quality textured rubber surface for the medicine balls; they are perfect choice for commercial entities like fitness center and community centers. They stay in perfect symmetrical shape despite constant and extreme usage; and be inflated or deflated to the level of hardness you desire.

Weight 3 kg