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LivePro Speed Jump Rope


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The rotating joints allow repetitions of up to 240 pieces per minute.   The length of the rope is variable adjustable. The rope is ideal for warming up in martial arts or in the functional course. The rope is extremely robust and durable thanks to the high-quality material. The LivePro Speed Jump Rope is designed with heavy-duty handles and radial ball bearings for smooth gliding movements. The textured handle is made of a durable and flexible material that keeps the handle light. This ensures fast spinning and the unique design of the rotating handles which is perpendicular to the cord allows for smooth and speed rotations. It’s perfect for working out either alone to get a great cardio workout or with others as part of group training.   More Info   Excellent for beginners – elite to enhance their footwork, endurance and over all skill. Easily Adjustable to fit any height. Coated Cable provides extra speed and durability. Lighter handles with a heavier rope – provides a well balanced workout Bearings on each of the handles for easy and quick rotations.

Dimensions 300 cm