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LivePro Squat Pad


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Our Barbell pad relieves pressure when exercising with the barbell, whether light or heavy weight.   Our barbell pad is manufactured from a cushioning foam that easily wraps around a barbell – to protect your neck and back when lifting. Easily attachable, the LivePro barbell pad has a strip of Velcro at the back  which provides a quick and easy method of attaching it to your weightlifting bar.   The barbell pad is dimensionally stable and can be used for any standard barbell. Thanks to its lush, dense foam inner it creates a cushion for your neck, shoulders and hips. This helps relieve pain and pressure during exercises like Squats, Lunges and Hip Thrusts. The thick high-density durable foam also absorbs all the shock for increased comfort and reduced spinal injury. Non-slip surface ensure the pad will not shift or spin in place.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 45 × 33 cm