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LivePro Studio Dumbbell 1kg


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TheLivePro Studio Dumbbells are stylish dumbbells coated with high quality neoprene for greater comfort.   The unique triangular shaped dumbbells have ergonomic grips that will not slip even in sweaty hands. The Vinyl Studio dumbbells are a simple and effective way to strengthen and tone the body. Convenient for even the smallest home gym, these vinyl studio dumbbells pairs are perfect for newbies and pros alike. Use them for light-weight training to successfully target a wide range of muscles including the biceps, triceps, deltoids. They can also help to lengthen and gently stretch the muscles, so are an ideal tool for rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises.   More Info High quality studio dumbbell with vinyl coating. The design prevents it from rolling away, ideal for group training. The coating is floor-friendly, low-noise and washable.

Weight 1 kg