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LivePro Suspension Trainer


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An intensive, portable full-body workout   Suspension trainers—ropes, webbing & handles that allow you to work against your body weight— can improve your balance and flexibility while also building muscle. The focus of Suspension Trainers over more traditional equipment is higher activation of your stabilizer muscles and body-weight training.   Whether you are training in a gym, at the park, in your home or office, the LivePro Suspension Training Kit offers high quality equipment and a variety of workouts to meet your fitness needs. This kit includes multiple anchoring solutions, so you can train anywhere and know that your Pro Suspension Trainer is secure. The kit comes with a door anchor that is perfect for setting up your Suspension Trainer on any sturdy door. The durable, rubber handles are easy to clean and feature an ergonomic and textured, anti-slip design to increase grip and safety during workouts. A mesh carry bag is included for optimal storage and transport.   Benefits of  Using A Suspension Trainer   Suspension Trainers require little space and almost no other equipment. A brilliant workout routine to build ultimate core strength. Helps you significantly increase body flexibility. Suspension Trainers help you improve muscle endurance.   More Info   Portable, lightweight trainer that can be taken anywhere. Flexible design allowing you to train using traditional equipment (pull-up bars) to standard doorways. Varied resistance/scalable training. Develop strength for advanced movements such as pistol squats by using the trainer as an assistance aid. Carry bag included.

Weight 5 kg