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Multi-Triceps V-Straight Press Down Bar


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A Perfect Cable Machine Accessory That Offers Various Workout Options   Our Multi-Tricep bar allows users to work multiple muscle groups through attachment to a cable machine. As a cable machine attachment, the Multi-Tricep Bar offers various grip and hand positions enhancing the training diversity offered by each machine. The simple loop connection means it is compatible with nearly all cable machines using the standard clip attached to the cable at the machine end. Some favourite machines to attach the angled press down bar to include dual adjustable pulleys, cable crossovers and single stack/multi-stack cable columns. For those taking this with you to an actual gym, the heavy-duty steel construction ensures it will be travelling with you for a long time!   More Top Notch Specs   Portable accessory, perfect for travel from your home to a gym. Ergonomically designed for the ultimate muscle contraction. Dual handle design unlocks the potential to target various muscle groups. Textured rubber provides a comfortable grip.

Weight 2 kg