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Stirrup D Handle Attachment


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Stirrup D-Handle Machined to Last You.   The D Stirrup Handle allows you to concentrate on each repetition and automatically adjusts your hand and wrist for you the your optimal position. This added benefit decreases tension on the joints in your hand and wrist as well as helping prevent future injury.   Our Stirrup D-Handle is Made of high-quality steel with textured non-slip knurl markings across the handle for precision grip, the D-Handle helps you workout multiple muscle groups by giving you full control. Ideally you can workout your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, and abdomen muscles with the right form and technique.   Specs Up Close   Diamond knurl-textured grip for the ultimate control experience Full barrel swivel on the handle Solid rolled steel for optimum durability Finished in chrome to reduce rust and corrosion

Weight 1 kg