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Triceps Rubber V-Bar (2.5cm x 40cm)


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A Perfect Cable Machine Accessory for Building Your Triceps! Find Our Bars In Gyms Across SA!   The tricep v-bar extension is a variation of the cable tricep extension and an exercise used to help build and tone the muscles of the triceps. Well-built triceps have a positive carry-over into your pressing movements such as bench press exercises and shoulder press variations. Choose our high-quality tricep V Bar to perfectly perform various tricep targeting exercises. It makes use of durable rubber handles with perfect knurl marks to decrease hand slipping. The center punch hole allows you to fit it to most major brands machines including the untouchable range of Impulse Fitness gym equipment . For those taking this with you to an actual gym, the heavy-duty steel construction ensures it will be travelling with you for a long time!   More Top Notch Specs   Portable accessory, perfect for travel from your home to a gym. Ergonomically designed for the ultimate tricep contraction. Knurl-textured grips with rubber end caps to ensure a comfy hold with very little chance of slip.

Weight 1 kg