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UFC 8" PU Double End Bag


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Great For Reflex Training   The double end speed bag, also called the floor-to-ceiling bag is one of the most effective and essential training drills that only professionals use but more people should be. The regular speed bag is a good drill to build your timing and rhythm but after awhile can get a little predictable, whereas the double end bag keeps you on your toes.   Improve response time, rhythm, hand speed, endurance and power with the UFC Double End speed bag. The fast rebound movement of the bag improves reaction time and ultimately teaches you how to fight while avoiding your opponent. Made of thick durable leather-like construction with reinforced stitching, you can rely on this bag day in and day out. Easy mounting system that is compatible with all speed bag platforms and double-end attachments.     Quick Specs   Great for reflex training Fast rebound Easy mounting system Durable PU construction

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 112 × 46 × 17 cm