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UFC Muay Thai Style Training Gloves (Red/Black) 14oz (395g)


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Don’t Just Function, Perform   Enhance your endurance, strength and sparring skills with this high-energy impact dispersing Thai-style training glove. The internal hand compartment offers a secure, snug fit without sacrificing comfort. Layers of high-density moulded foam keep hands protected during heavy sparring and bag workout sessions. Rigid wrap-around hook & loop closure supports wrist. You’re In The Right Ha…Gloves   Thai style design Short cuff for working in the “clinch” Ridged strap for secure wrist while striking Great for sparring or bag work Durable engineered leather   Size Chart   Size Body Weight (kg) 12 oz. 45-70 14 oz. 71-85 16 oz. 86-95

Weight 0.395 kg