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Impulse PL9002 Lat Pulldown/ Seated Row - 170lbs


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The Impulse PL Lat Pulldown/ Seated Row – 170lbs is designed to meet the demands of a high-use environment with a plate loading nature. Users will benefit from a bio-mechanically accurate movement path and design which replicates the feel of free weights whilst accurately targeting multiple back muscles and bicep muscles. One touch adjustments mean this piece of equipment is simple to adjust, allowing users of all shapes and sizes to have a bespoke workout experience at speed and ease. Outstanding Technology Dual function- Lat Pulldown and Seated Row. Ergonomic design ensures correct body position and alignment throughout entire range of motion. Adjustable seat to accommodate users of all sizes and provide stability and comfort.   More Specs Weight stack adjustable in increments up to 170lbs (77kg). Weight stack adjustable from seated position. Instructional placards demonstrating exercise positions. Light Commercial quality manufacturing for maximum lifespan (up to 6 hours a day).

Weight 90.5 kg
Dimensions 176.4 × 101.9 × 218.2 cm