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Impulse Zone IZ7002+IZ7003+IZ7004 +IZ7005+IZ7006+IZ7007*2


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The Impulse Zone IZ7002+IZ7003+IZ7004 +IZ7005+IZ7006+IZ7007*2  is designed to help the user target multiple muscle groups.   Functional training is the most popular way of training. It’s helpful for improving sensitiveness, body balance, body coordination, speed, explosive power, reaction and many other abilities through strength training. Impulse  Zone with customized  stations will break through the traditional training methods Workstations IZ7002 Boxing Station IZ7003 Rebounder Station IZ7004 Power Rack Station IZ7005 Dual Action Pulley Station IZ 7006 Connector IZ7007 Stair-2( x2)     Accessories (not included)   IZ7010 Dip Attachment IZ7012 Pivot Punching Bag Wall Balls, Medicine Balls Kettlebells, Suspension Trainers, Battle Ropes and so on.