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Intenza 550RBi Recumbent Bike Interactive Series


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Maximum results with minimal effort. The Intenza 550RBi Recumbent Bike Interactive Series makes unlocking your body potential easier.   Complete your training with Intenza’s Interactive Series and enjoy more than just a stimulating cardio workout. Recumbent bikes are designed so the exerciser sits near to the ground with their legs positioned in front rather than below as with an upright bike or traditional street bicycle and produces similar cardio health benefits.The Interactive Series products feature Intenza’s unique Uni-Dial™ switch control, a twist and push button-free solution. Outstanding Technology Smart Energy System LED Display Uni-Dial Navigation Control™ InCare™ via USB Multitude of workout options More Specs Self-powered, 3-phase, hybrid generator and belt drive system Multi-function handlebar with integrated contact heart rate and resistance adjustment buttons Elegant and intuitive, Intenza bike seats are designed to adjust easily using only one hand